Safety, Security, Quality

At Florida Beauty, floral distribution is all that we do and we do it well. We possess an unwavering commitment to safety and quality. Our highly-trained management, shop technicians and elite team of drivers, ensure our valued customers receive the best door-to-door delivery available. A proven track record and commitment to total quality management is of the essence in today's transportation and distribution environment and no where is this more essential than in the area of climate-controlled floral transportation. FBF's 24 hour On-Road Department provides rapid response to any potential issue and our vast vendor network ensures fueling, maintenance and driver services are consistent and available.

Refrigerated Transport

Our fleet of 53' air-ride, floral specific ThermaCube refrigerated trailers are all equipped with Thermoking smart reefer units, Qualcomm tracking and navigation and ReeferTrak temperature monitoring systems to ensure the integrity of even the most sensitive floral cargo.

Please feel free to contact us should you require further information about our floral distribution services.